Sunday, 27 February 2011


Just a quick post to start with, there is a longer one on the way!!

The two class case studies blogs are up and running, and the student blogs are quite worryingly (only  for my ego's sake) looking better than mine at the moment, so I will have to up the standard of my blogging!

Firstly, a quick thank you to all of you who emailed to ask about my eyes, much appreciated, I now have perfect vision without lenses or glasses so it will be harder than ever to fall asleep at the back of my classroom!

Secondly - the tragic earthquake in Christchurch has been a shocking development from last Septembers earthquake, and goes to show that even in a developed country, well used to earthquakes and with all planning possible in place, earthquakes are one of the most devastating natural events. The next blog post will look at the science behind this quake and why it has been so deadly, we will also be discussing it in class tomorrow so if you have any questions, let me know then, and I will try to create a useful case study on this latest event.

Thirdly - what is going on in Iceland? For those of you coming on the trip, or following the Iceland Met website, the last few days have seen a swarm of rather larger than average earthquakes. No reason to worry, but who can work out what is going on?

here is an image from today:

Answers on a blog comment underneath, its quite interesting (yes I do know the answer)

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  1. Are the earthquakes anything to do with volcanic tremors caused by Krýsuvík?