Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ongoing Live Questions

Hello Upper Sixth!

This is a bit of an experiment, you can post questions here and i can answer them, it is ongoign, so the response may not be immediate, but i would like you to use it as a place to make suggestions for resources/help over the half term period.

I havent used this particular piece of technology before, the Lower Sixth Geologists have had a number of evening revision sessions using something similar, but this is a work in progress, so.....

What it could be used for - comments of case studies, suggestions on what to cover in class next week, requests for further information, I will be posting relevant articles, links to resources as i make them, and updates on events at college after you finish next week.

All feedback much appreciated!



  1. This is a great tool - I thought CoverItLive was just for a live event - after that, comments are archived. Is there a way to keep the event 'live' - such as questions for a class such as you did?

  2. Hi Cindy
    There is a way, you need to build a "ticker" which is ongoing, so when you log in to coveritlive the comments are there ready for publishing and reply. I'd really like to talk to you about this, my email is, please get in touch if you would like any more info, is this Cindy Corritore from Creighton University?