Friday, 20 April 2012

Globalisation Revision Session Weds 25th April

Dear All, Please use the form below to send in your questions on Globalisation. This session will start at at 7:30 on Wednesday evening, and YOUR QUESTIONS WILL NOT APPEAR!!! I have publishing control, so I will get through all of them, but in order and only when the event starts. It will run for about an hour, and the section of the syllabus to be covered is produced below:

Global social and economic groupings

The concept of the North/South divide, and its relationship to the development continuum.
Reasons for the social and economic groupings of nations, with particular reference to the European Union.

The consequences of the groupings of nations.

Aspects of globalisation Transnational corporations (TNCs): characteristics and spatial organisation. Reasons for the growth and the spatial organisation of transnational corporations (TNCs).
Case study of one TNC should be undertaken.
Social, economic and environmental impacts of TNCs on their host countries, and their countries of origin.

Development issues within the world (each to be studied with reference to contrasting areas of the world) “Trade versus aid”. “Economic sustainability versus environmental sustainability”. “Sustainable tourism, myth or reality”


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