Thursday, 28 April 2011

Essays workshop from today

Structuring Answers

Human essays usually focus on Impacts/issues/consequences/reasons and can nearly always be structured by a paragraph each on Socio-Economic, Political and Environmental. This includes essays on physical topics with a human element, such as flooding or protection. 
If it is Rivers and regarding processes it can normally be split into upper/middle/lower courses
For either rivers or Coasts, if it is a purely physical question, such as the formation of a landform, or changes associated with sea level change, it needs to be a logical explanation, using the right terminology, and set out in stages. 
This really is the key to doing well in eessays, you need to make sure that you are using geographical words in order to secure the top marks in all questions, not just essays!

In terms of further help, it was suggested that seeing some model answers would be the best way for you to understand structure. As such, you can vote on the essays you would most like to read and I will write them. If there are enough people interested, i will write two of the essays below this weekend for you to read. You need to vote on FB for the number essay you want. 
1.    Some housing and transport systems in the UK are being designed to reduce energy use. Discuss how the importance of such schemes is reducing the countries contribution to global warming(126)

2.    Describe and explain the impact of the use of fossil fuels on the environment (100)

3.    Discuss the view that nuclear power can be managed to that it is an environmentally sustainable source of energy (70)

4.    Describe and explain why there is no single form of renewable energy that would satisfy a countries complete energy needs.

5.    With reference to a named country, evaluate attempts to manage population change(124)

6.    Outline and comment on the economic and political consequences of population change (97)

7.    “for better or worse” discuss how population change can affect the character of rural and urban areas (66)

8.    Ageing populations represent the greatest concern to populations experiencing change. To what extent do you agree.

9.    With reference to one or more case studies of coastal management, discuss whether the benefits outweigh the costs (122)

10.                  With specific reference to a case study of coastal erosion, asses the relative importance of its physical and socio-economic consequences (94)

11.                  Using a case study, assess the causes and consequences of coastal flooding (62)

12.                  Describe and explain the coastal landforms resulting from sea level change

13.                  Describe and explain the development of meanders (120)

14.                  Describe and explain the formation of landforms resulting from rejuvenation (92)

15.                  Channel characteristics such as cross profile, wetted perimeter, hydraulic radius, roughness and channel efficiency change downstream. Describe and explain how channel characteristics change downstream (59)

16. Flooding represents the greatest risk to the poorest parts of the worlds population. Discuss.
 SO, cast your votes, write some of your own and stay on top of your revision!

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