Saturday, 21 January 2012

Apps for revision

Dear All, 

This year sees the introduction of a new learning tool in both Geography and Geology, we have made use of the fantastic to bring you some revision Apps (You can access them through the website as well) and they are compatible with both iPhone/Ipod and Android. 

Ask yourself the question, click the circle to reveal the answer:

The account is free, and you can login through Facebook to prevent you having to remember another password! Once you have your account, it is then straighforward to add yourself to my classes, and save the resources you want to your "backpack". Those that are saved, will then be accessible through your mobile when you download the App. 

In order to find my classes: 

  1. When you create your account, the site will ask you where you study, type in "Richard Huish College"
  2. Search for "Millie"
  3. Select "Geography Geog AS"
  4. Go back to "my Backpack" (top center left of the page)
  5. In the class, on the right had side there is a news pane, this will show who else is in your class, and when any new resources are added. You should be able to find the resources in here, click on them in turn, and on the right hand side, select "Save to backpack/ Geography Geog AS" this will make them accessible on your phone.

Currently in the Geography class, there are apps for population and rivers terminology, and one for skills, with pictures of all types of graphs and stats tests you could be asked on tuesday, the case studies have pictures, and you can use them as flashcards to test yourself, or each other, and on the website, the flashcards can be turned into self marking tests. The site tracks your progress for each set of cards, and produces a score per session. You can then filter the cards out, and just revise the ones you didnt get the first time if you upgrade to studyblue+, but the site offers fantastic functions for free!

You then need to download the App (StudyBlue) from the relevant App store, or follow the links at the bottom of the page. The App is free, and once you log in you should find the flashcards there waiting for you. Any problems let me know, but you can then start revising.

There are several ways to work, and you do not need a smartphone, either on your phone or computer, check yourself for each card, and if you got it right, give it a thumbs up, if not, select thumbs down, and revise it again later on. When you log on to the site from a computer, you will be able to see how well you have done, and transform the cards into a test by clicking on the "Flashcards" tab as shown below. The questions are multiple choice or true/false, avoid the "Type the answer" questions by unselecting at the top left, and regenerating the quiz:

(Ignore my 3%, I had only done one!)

The quiz then looks like this, be warned, they are pretty difficult!

You can work online in exactly the same was as on your mobile, but only the online version offers you the quiz version. The quizzes are good, and there is an option to change the question style at the top left. You can track your progress online, and if these are useful, I will write some more over the next few weeks to help with the new modules. 

Please let me have feedback, I know it is close to the exam, but these would be handy for last minute revision, and as they work on your phones/iPods without an internet connection, just think about all the fun places you can revise such as the bus, the coffee shop, etc, in fact, send me a picture on the Facebook Page of you revising in an unlikely place to win a small prize. 

Dont forget the online revision tomorrow, and have a good weekend!


PS. DIrect links once you have an account:

Rivers Terminology:
Population Terminology:
Skills Test:


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