Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Unit 4B fieldwork planning

Dear all

Many questions have come up about fieldwork, I have worked through one hypothesis, but here are my suggestions for an aim and what else should be included in a fieldwork question! See you all at 730 on the live blog.

Aim: To investigate the relationship between the regeneration and conservation issues in Poole

Hypothesis 1:

The building of the Twin Sails Bridge will significantly reduce the congestion in Poole

  • The Old bridge was built in 1927
  • It can halt traffic for up to half an hour
  • it is not cyclist/pedestrian/disabled friendly
  • Poole is a tourist Honeypot site and needs to improve facilities
  • People commute into the centre of Poole for work in the services sector
  • Poole has the European Ferry port
  • Before and after traffic survey (see guidance on Moodle)
  • Include new locations after the bridge is built and has been open for some time
  • Count over a systematically pragmatic choice of locations over a given time period, same time in each location
  • Us a group of geography students
  • Possibly locate secondary data from Borough of Poole on their site. 
  • Use a Mann Whitney U to compare results and assess for a significant difference
Risk Assessment:
  • Students must wear High Vis jackets
  • Groups of three as a minimum
  • appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Mobile Phone contacts to staff
  • Areas with pavements chosen

  • Only possible to do for one day as a group, would require a longer study over a summer and winter season to be significant
  • Could not make it to Poole for morning rush hour with students, so would only reflect evening rush hour
  • Bridge's and new road networks take a few months to bed in, and the old bridge will close for nine months this year in order to be refurbished. 
  • Would be difficult to cover a weekend and weekday as a group of students. 

Hypothesis 2: 

The regeneration of the Hamworthy Gate site, will not have a significant impact on the environment in Holes Bay

Risk Assessment:

Hypothesis 3:

The regeneration plans will significantly improve the quality of life in Poole
Risk Assessment:


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