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Iceland Clothing

A post specifically for those coming to Iceland! Below you will find the letters, kit list, itinerary and the PP for the parents meeting embedded so you can show you parents all the information they need.

Iceland 2012

First: clothing!

The key to staying warm in Iceland is Layers. You should be wearing something similar to the list below, and the reason for using a layered system, is that we are on and off the bus a lot, and that involves a temperature change of at least 10 degrees, sometimes as much as 25 degrees, hence, you need to be able to adapt to that quite quickly.

In my opinion, the key thing to ensure you have, is a good base layer, this should be a material that wicks away moisture from your skin, so you don't go out into the cold all sweaty, which is how you get cold fast. I normally wear a t-shirt over mine, they are sometimes a little transparent, followed by a good fleecy jumper (I take two) a soft shell layer (wind proof but not water proof) and covering all of that, a good waterproof.

These images are reproduced from Taunton Leisure, with permission, they currently have a sale on but I am not endorsing either the brands shown, or the store, this is for illustration only!

Few key points:

1) most important - looks don't matter for this week! Fashion, should not be a factor in deciding what to take, we don't really go out, when we do, you will want to be wearing all of the above anyway.

2) not to pick on the girls, but... No miniskirts, high heels, telling me tights will keep you warm - they won't.

3) if you are not appropriately dressed - you get to stay on the bus. That decision rests with me, you have been warned.

4) don't go out and buy the really expensive mountaineering kit - you don't need it, we are not going all Ray Mears, you just need to be sensible

5) buy new boots? Please break them in before you get to Iceland, y don't want blisters.

Secondly: Money

You may wish to buy some souvenirs, they will be expensive, so take an appropriate amount of money with you. If you would like to buys snacks, a chocolate bar and a can of drink will cost you around £4 at the moment, I recommend you take some snacks with you, the healthy variety such as dried fruits and nuts travel well and are good for you, but wee do not stop very often at places where you can buy a snack, they are included as part of your lunch, but if you do tend to eat more during the day, plan for this and take some with you.

A note on Icelandic foods: they run from the mundane and Starchy, to the outright bizarre (fermented rams testicles, shark rotted in its own urine etc) and sometimes, to the borderline ethical issues. Icelanders eat whale, and are relatively defencive about it. students in the stats have elected to buy a sample of said smoked minke whale, a staple of the Icelandic diet, that is up to you.

Third: Alcohol

The legal drinking age in Iceland is 20, as such, any one caught drinking, attempting to buy, or taking alcohol with them, will be sent home. Your parents will be advised of this in the meeting. The cost of being sent home sits with you, at times we are three hundred miles away fr an airport, in the most expensive country in Europe, that taxi will cost you several hundred pounds. Having spent £850 on the trip, please don't ruin it for yourself, and the staff by breaking this rule.

Fourth: Stuff to take

Realistically, you should pack to be outdoors, in a cold country, without much socialising in any fancy places. Nick and I look like Michelin men all week, you will too with all those layers, so don't worry about evening clothes, I take a pair of jeans for the evening, but you will need to stay wrapped up. You certainly don't need to take the following: party clothes, hair dryers, straighteners, footballs, laptops etc.

Other highly recommended items include: music, earphones, cards, a book, travel sickness pills, chargers, personal toiletries etc.

Other essentials: a sleeping bag, a hat, gloves, scarf/neck warmer, sunglasses ( it might be cold, but it is very, very bright, especially on the ice), any personal medication (legally, the staff are not allow to give you anything), hats are absolutely necessary, and a scarf is pretty handy.

Iceland Kit Letter to Parents Itinerary for Richard Huish College 2012

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