Monday, 31 January 2011

The Final 4B post!!!!!!!!

Yes, the final one!!! I am working on some awesome volcano posts, you are going to hear all about my favorite volcanoes, thoughts on eruptions that could affect us and even the bizarre complaint from evacuees from Merapi last year (Bizarre doesn't really cover it - more on that later).

Anyways, here goes, the key things to remember to tomorrow:

1) This is a Skills exam - use your skills (data analysis) just like in the Lower Sixth, you need to refer to data, not necessarily just the one they refer you to but perhaps to others as well if its relevant to the question

2) Remember the timings - 1.5 minutes per mark, don't go too far over as there will be long answer questions and you need to budget your time

3) Read the whole paper before you start, and don't worry about the stats test if its there, remember the key meanings and work through it

4) Remember to take everything with you and to the right room - H104/5 and 203/4 or E5, you need black pens, you each need a calculator

5) If you are given new data, remember to use it!

6) by 3 tomorrow afternoon its all over until the summer session, time to go back to tectonics!

See you all tomorrow, there will be a workshop in B21 from 1020 onwards, it is an Upper Sixth Lesson, but open to all classes.


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