Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Fish Fight

As many of you have also done over the last week, tonight I watched the full Fish Fight series (available on YouTube shows until the end if January). Although I was already aware of the issue from some other films and reading about the issues surrounding fishing in thus country, the footage shown of by catch and discard was truly haunting. Hugh's enigmatic, passionate and informed discussion of these issues is enough to make anyone think twice before buying fish, and to make sure we read the labels.

You will all soon be catering for yourselves, you are the next consumer generation, we have a responsibility to show retailers that we want sustainable food in our supermarkets.

Hughs Programs are available on YouTube Shows, but for those of you who havent discovered this growing area of YouTube yet, the campaign video is here

Links to the shows are found through the link here to the series which is available until the 12 of february


In addition, there are some other fantastic movies that are on a similar theme, perhaps more useful to students who are taking Environmental Studies as well, but if you were disgusted by the Shark finning on Gordons "Shark Bait" last ngiht (link here: http://www.youtube.com/verify_age?next_url=http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DeS775jXFlgA%26feature%3Dchannel though you must confirm you are over 18 as there is, of course, explicit language), you really should check out "Sharkwater", useful for looking at the downside to rapid development and globalisation of trade, this movie documents the Shark Finning industry in Costa Rica, ending in an armed chase away from the coastline and public outcry at this truly shocking treatment of our oceans predators.

On a similar note, "The End of The Line" narrated by Ted Danson is another excellent expose of just how dire the situation in our oceans is, with scientists predicting a significant collapse of the fishing industry by2048 unless we take action now

Lastly, every been swimming with Dolphins? Ever watched Flipper or been to an Aquarium with a Dolphin show? This movie is written and directed by Ric O'Barry who trained the original Flipper Dolphins, be warned, it is not for the squeamish or fainthearted, but is essential viewing for any doplhin lover.

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