Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday Morning Lessons

Today's lessons were mostly the follow up to the Belfast Mocks we set last week, there were some great answers in the room today, and the key to this paper seems to be justifying every decision you make, follow it uo with some sound synoptic reasoning and using your geography words.

On that last point, I am going to introduce a new word to the English language, it is a verb, to "geograherise" you answers, too often students loose critical marks for not using the correct terminology. We wouldn't teach it to you if it wouldn't help you to use it!

Do remember the dictionary on the noodle is there for you to download and fill in as we go through the next two modules and for the last inelegant, it is lengthy (11 pages) but well worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with.

Other key points for today, we weed discussing the way forwards for Belfast in column two, and comparing the ethno-religious conflict to the situation in Siuth Africa before the end if apartheid. One of the biggest sporting events held last year was in South Africa, the football world cue, and it was a widely heralded as a sign of an integrated population that had made great strides in conquering the massive divides that existed until 1994. Belfast has a comparable time scale, and it has been suggested by a number of students that the way forwards may be to try and host something if equal significance that could bring the two groups closer together.

The issues the have historically affected Belfast have always been echoed in Glasgow, with the two rival football teams Celtic (Irish Roman Catholic) and Rangers (Protestant) particularly in relation to the two teams playing each other in what ar know as the "Old Firm" matches, during which admissions are to casualty are reported to have risen ninefold. (source: wikipedia the issue raised its head again cast week when Cektic manager Neil Lennon reportedly received bullets through the post along with player Niall McGinn (

On a completely different note, todays news story that caught my attention was the current investigation into the Marianas trench. Scientists from Japan, the UK and Germany are part of a new mission to explore the deaths of the oceans. The investigation is focusing on the importance that trenchs (a tectonic feature) play in controlling the worlds climate. Apparently they play a disproportionate role in carbon capture and storage, and once fully understood this will considerably enhance our understanding of deep ocean processes and make our climate models more accurate when it comes to predictions. (

I think thats it for today, tonight I will be watching "The age if stupid" a film starring the late and great Pete who takes a look back from the future and asks why we didn't stop global warming when we had the chance. Good question really, review to follow tomorrow!

Check out this video on YouTube:

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