Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Iceland Day 2


We have made it safely through our first day of activities, with a fantastic caving trip to start the morning off, going down a new Lava Tube we have not visited before, we have seen some very bizarre rock formations,  I am not sure how they formed:

In addition, we saw some ceilings covered in Lavasicles, formed as the tube emptied out for the last time:

We posed for some very chilly team photos:

We also managed to get some lovely individual shots of Huish Earth Scientists in action:

Following the caving trip, we went off over a very snowy mountain road in our superbus to Thingvellir national park to stand in the rift valley, and have a good look at the very large hole that opened up the day after we visited last year. The track is now closed, but we spent about an hour looking at the lake, the money pools and the drowing pool:

We then moved rapidly on to Geysir National Park, where we spent some time watching the large eruptions and not getting wet!

And finally, on to Gulfoss, one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland, a spectacular fault guided water fall covered in snow:

Tomorrow is looking wet at the moment, it is raining pretty heavily, but we are off to see more waterfalls, and a nice dry trip around the folk museum, which is one of my favourite spots.

Hello to everyone back home!


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