Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Iceland Day 2

Dear readers

Today has been a fantastic day, despite a wet start, it has been clear and sunny for the most part, and we have had a very busy, but really interesting day. We started out at Seljandfoss, the waterfall you can walk behind, it was a little wet, but our waterproofs were given a pretty thorough testing as some of us chose to stand underneath it:

Some of us got a bit damp:

Following the waterfall, we moved on to the newly opened eruption centre, from the E15 eruption of 2010, where we saw a great short movie, and acquired a truly awesome new poster for the classroom. To be revealed on our return. We met some very friendly, and fluffy Icelandic horses, a special breed almost unique to Iceland, known for their thick coats and ability to stay outside all winter, they are apparently partial to bread, but none of them seemed to bothered when we offered them some lunch:

Then, onto the Skogar Folk Museum of Icelandic Life, where we had a very comprehensive tour, and some of the students really enjoyed it, others were more dubious:

But Sam looks like he's having a great time outside:

The, the real treat of the day was our trip up to the top of the Myjrdasjokul Icecap, which rests directly above Katla, which is, s the icelanders say, "Pregnant", we started out in some mini monster truck like things, in which we had a lot of chat from Peter and Kieran about pretty much everything:

and transferred to a snow mobile trailer up to the top of the icecap:

We had some serious fun sledging down a small hill at the top of the glacier, videos to follow, and then moved on the a field where you build your own cairn, Nick broke out the Northern Monkey outfit:

And then we stopped to look at the Icelandic Special Moss:

The forecast for tomorrow isn't great, but neither was today, and the volcano didn't erupt when we were on top of it, no sign of the Northern Lights yet, but maybe tomorrow, and possibly some video if I have time, but overall, everyone seems to be having a good time, and we just had some fantastic traditional Icelandic Lamb for dinner. Leave us a comment if you are reading!


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