Friday, 4 March 2011

How do you find people after an earthquake?

Here is an image reproduced from the "The Australian" that describes the various methods used to find people who may be trapped in rubble following an earthquake:

Google has now created a "People Finder" to aid in finding lost relatives, an example of how technology can help in recovery:

It is common for developed countries to send aid in many forms, and normally the first is in the form of recovery expert teams, our firefighters take on the role of international aid and assistance as a first line of response to quakes. Altough it takes some time to reach places as far away as New Zealand, we maintain a ready crew who undertake regular training and are on notice to go almost immediately after a quake.

This is an excellent video detailing the training the UK undertakes for search and rescue for both national and international disasters.

We currently have around 20 search and rescue dogs, highly trained to find people, and more details can be found here. Dogs are essential in immediate response as they are quick, effective and very sensitive, border collies are some of the most common

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