Monday, 21 March 2011

New Library Stock

Dear Geographers,

There are now some new additions to the Library which you may well like to check out. By request, the fantastic series "How Earth Made Us" is now in stock, it is a wonderful series for A-Level as it covers in great detail and with some fantastic graphics the earth and our relation to it, covering tectonics, rivers, winds and finally how we are now altering the planet as a result of our development and industrialisation.

This is most suited to the A2 groups who have now done tectonics and population and should be drawing the links between different areas of the syllabus. It is however and excellent geography show and will be a useful revision resource to everyone. In addition, Human Planet is now is as well and is another great way of exploring the links between our planet and the way in which we live.

You can find all the mentioned resources in the library, you may need to reserve some of our more popular titles, but there is a special geography display:

Not only movies, but also these old fashioned square-ish things called books that you read and learn from! Very strange concept to read for pleasure, but we do have both of the Al Gore books on climate change along with some interesting textbooks and novels.

In terms of movies, not one to check out for a relaxing evening in, but Darfur is the movie of the week, I have to warn you, I was hiding behind the sofa for a lot of this one, it is horribly graphic, but if you dont know about the Darfur crisis, take a look. It does not hold back on the gruesome details of the genocide that is currently taking place here. The movie is disturbing, but represents the horrors that rarely make it into our press.

You have been warned, it is a 15, but it is borderline to my eyes.

Check out the trailer here:

On a lighter note, WallE is in, recycling in a future world, and the revision questions to go with Dantes Peak will be on the display tomorrow - test your volcanology!

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