Friday, 11 March 2011

Kiluea Crater Collapse

Dear Students,

Here is a rather spectacular video of the recent developments on Hawaii, in addition to the new vent opening up in the national park this week, the lava lake at Kiluea drained spectacularly dropping nearly 100m to feed the new eruption centre. This is very similar to the situation at the top of Mt Nyiragongo which is as you now, the only example of recent basalt flows killing people in the area.

This video has a rather aggressive music set to it, but does contain some excellent shots of the new eruptive centre and the formation of the fissure:

Blog updates planned: What has happened in Japan? Tsunami tracking and a new way for you to revise on the move if you have an Ipod/Iphone/Itouch, or Itunes installed at home - revising for your summer exams has never been so interactive! (If you would like to help review apps/downloads please let me know as i have a backlog i am working through and student input is always appreciated!)

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